Participant Experience



Past participants report that this program has inspired and improved their clinical practice and outcomes. Here are a few comments from recent attendees:

“This is by far the best obesity conference of its kind that I have attended. I received excellent information on surgical options as well as upcoming novel treatments. I especially appreciated the emphasis on pharmacotherapy—all aspects—including identification of weight-inducing medications.”

“The insights into the physiology of obesity, and a better understanding of patients that fail to lose the expected amount of weight, have proven pivotal to my practice, as now I know that there is more to it than diet and exercise. I am also better able to assist bariatric surgeons with management of patients who have failed surgery, and can rely on knowledge gained on the MOA of newer drugs used in the treatment of obesity.”


“This course inspired me to introduce the multidisciplinary approach for management of obesity in our practice and eliminate bias towards patients with obesity.”

“I have become more confident in counseling patients, beginning the conversation, the use of medications, and prescribing exercise to my patients.”


“From my first day back in the office after this course, I changed my practice by considering and discussing with patients a variety of pharmacologic interventions.”

“These were some of the best speakers I have ever heard—and I've been going to medical conferences and courses for 15 years.”

“I have increased recommendations for strength training and can now explain the physiology behind the recommendation, and can better tailor and individualize nutrition care plans using the information and tools provided at this course.”


“Now that I have a much better understanding of the pathophysiology of obesity, I have introduced a more thorough assessment to help determine specific patient contributors to obesity and a patient-specific treatment plan. Understanding obesity as a 'disease state' and the idea of the set point have greatly influenced my practice.”


“I now treat my patients with obesity and post-surgical patients with more sensitivity. I am vigilant about weight gain when prescribing psychotropic medications, and am more comfortable prescribing weight loss meds if other options are not available.”


“I now view patients with obesity in an entirely different light. I can write medications with confidence and have a better understanding of what to do if an intervention does not work for a patient.”


“This was the best scientific course I have ever attended. Great content, dynamic speakers, varied content, all of it useful.”