This is the schedule from the 2020 program. 2021 schedule not yet available.


Wednesday, June 03, 2020

Optional Full-Day Pre-Course Program

9:00am to 8:45pm Obesity Medicine Board Review

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Thursday, June 04, 2020
9:00am to 9:16am Introduction

Course Directors

9:16am to 10:20am Treating Obesity: A 2020 Overview

Lee M. Kaplan, MD, PhD

10:22am to 10:47am Clinical Approach to the Patient with Obesity

W. Scott Butsch, MD, MS

10:50am to 11:20am Weight Bias and Healthcare

Scott Kahan, MD, MPH

11:22am to 11:42am Live Q & A - 1

Drs. Kaplan, Butsch, and Kahan

11:45am to 12:17pm Lifestyle-Based Therapies for the Patient with Obesity

Sriram Machineni, MD

12:19pm to 12:48pm Clinical Implications of Medication-Induced Weight Gain

Louis J. Aronne, MD

12:51pm to 1:24pm Anti-Obesity Medications

Ania M. Jastreboff, MD, PhD

1:26pm to 1:51pm Live Q & A - 2

Drs. Machineni, Aronne, and Jastreboff

1:54pm to 2:14pm Break
2:14pm to 2:43pm Assessment of the Pediatric Patient with Obesity

Sonali Malhotra, MD

2:45pm to 3:26pm Principles of Surgical Therapy

Lee M. Kaplan, MD, PhD

3:28pm to 4:06pm Surgical Treatment of Obesity: Clinical Outcomes

Ali Tavakkoli, MBBS

4:09pm to 4:34pm Live Q & A - 3

Drs. Malhotra, Kaplan, and Tavakkoli

4:36pm to 5:11pm Environmental Causes of Obesity: Whose Fault Is It?

Lee M. Kaplan, MD, PhD

5:14pm to 5:52pm Microbiota, Probiotics and Metabolic Function

Joseph Brancale, AB

5:54pm to 6:30pm Genetic Contributions to Obesity

M. Agostina Santoro, PhD

6:33pm to 6:58pm Live Q & A - 4

Drs. Kaplan and Santoro and Mr. Brancale

7:00pm to 7:25pm Break
7:25pm to 8:35pm Case-Based Workshop: Anti-Obesity Medications—The Essentials

Sriram Machineni, MD, Rekha B. Kumar, MD, MS, and Ania M. Jastreboff, MD, PhD

8:38pm to 8:58pm Live Q & A - 5

Drs. Machineni, Kumar, and Jastreboff

Friday, June 05, 2020
9:00am to 9:05am Introduction to Blackburn Lecture

Lee M. Kaplan, MD, PhD

9:05am to 9:52am 2020 Blackburn Lecture

Sir Stephan O’Rahilly, MD, FRCP, FRCPI, FRS, FMedSci

9:54am to 10:36am Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease: A Burgeoning Epidemic

Sanjiv Chopra, MBBS

10:39am to 11:04am Live Q & A - 6

Drs. O'Rahilly and Chopra

11:06am to 11:32am Obesity and Diabetes

Paul M. Copeland, MD, MPhil

11:35am to 11:57am Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity

James B. Meigs, MD

11:59am to 12:27pm Obesity and Cardiovascular Disease

Jorge Plutzky, MD

12:30pm to 12:55pm Live Q & A - 7

Drs. Copeland, Meigs, and Plutzky

12:57pm to 1:22pm Break
1:22pm to 1:56pm Application of Behavior-Based Therapies for the Management of Obesity

Thomas A. Wadden, PhD

1:58pm to 2:22pm Exercise Counseling

Edward M. Phillips, MD

2:25pm to 3:02pm The Impact of Obesity on the Practice of Medicine

Caroline M. Apovian, MD

3:04pm to 3:29pm Live Q & A - 8

Drs. Wadden, Phillips, and Apovian

3:32pm to 4:15pm Precision Medicine and Obesity

Aaron Kelly, PhD

4:17pm to 4:51pm Nutrigenomics

Eran Elinav, MD, PhD

4:54pm to 5:14pm Live Q & A - 9

Drs. Kelly and Elinav

5:16pm to 5:41pm Break
5:41pm to 7:16pm Case-Based Workshop: Anti-Obesity Medications—Advanced Strategies

Sriram Machineni, MD, Louis J. Aronne, MD and Jonathan Purnell, MD

7:19pm to 7:39pm Live Q & A - 10

Drs. Machineni, Aronne and Purnell

Saturday, June 06, 2020
9:00am to 9:18am COVID-19 and Obesity

Rekha B. Kumar, MD, MS

9:20am to 9:47am Obesity and Cancer

Philip J. Saylor, MD

9:50am to 10:17am Endoscopic Therapies

Richard Rothstein, MD

10:19am to 10:44am Live Q & A - 11

Drs. Kumar, Saylor, and Rothstein

10:47am to 11:18am Circadian Rhythms

Frank A.J.L. Scheer, PhD

11:20am to 11:45am Obesity, Sleep Health and Sleep Apnea

James E. Mojica, MD

11:48am to 12:08pm Live Q & A - 12

Drs. Scheer and Mojica

12:10pm to 12:35pm Break
12:35pm to 1:04pm Models of Obesity Care

Donna Ryan, MD

1:07pm to 1:28pm COVID-19 and the Advancement of Obesity Telemedicine

Angela Fitch, MD

1:30pm to 1:54pm Dietary Supplements for the Management of Obesity

Steven B. Heymsfield, MD

1:57pm to 2:22pm Live Q & A - 13

Drs. Ryan, Fitch, and Heymsfield

2:24pm to 3:34pm Case-Based Workshop: Medical Management of the Bariatric Surgical Patient

W. Scott Butsch, MD, MS, Fateh Bazerbachi, MD, and Nasreen Alfaris, MD, MPH

3:37pm to 3:57pm Live Q & A - 14

Drs. Butsch, Bazerbachi, and Alfaris

3:59pm to 5:22pm Case-Based Workshop: Dietary Therapies for the Management of Obesity

Caroline M. Apovian, MD and Jamy D. Ard, MD

5:25pm to 5:45pm Live Q & A - 15

Drs. Apovian and Ard

5:47pm to 6:57pm Obesity Medicine Interhospital Rounds: Clinical Case Presentations

Chika V. Anekwe, MD, MPH, Sujatha Seetharaman, MD, MPH, and Marine Lipartia, MD

7:00pm to 7:20pm Live Q & A - 16

Drs. Anekwe, Seetharaman, and Lipartia

Sunday, June 07, 2020

Bonus Workshop Day

9:00am to 9:44am Healthcare Disparities in Obesity Treatment

Fatima Cody Stanford, MD, MPH, MPA

9:46am to 11:06am Case-Based Workshop: Caring for Children and Adolescents with Obesity

Aaron Kelly, PhD, Sonali Malhotra, MD, and Claudia K. Fox, MD, MPH

11:09am to 11:34am Live Q & A - 17

Drs. Kelly, Malhotra, and Fox

11:36am to 12:50pm Case-Based Workshop: Exercise Counseling

Edward M. Phillips, MD, Thomas W. Storer, PhD, and Wayne L. Westcott, PhD

12:53pm to 1:18pm Live Q & A - 18

Drs. Phillips, Storer, and Westcott

1:20pm to 1:50pm Break
1:50pm to 2:41pm Case-Based Workshop: Practice Management in Obesity Medicine

Gitanjali Srivastava, MD and Rekha Kumar, MD, MS

2:44pm to 3:04pm Live Q & A - 19

Drs. Kumar and Srivastava

3:06pm to 4:20pm Case-Based Workshop: Communicating about Obesity with Patients, Families and Physicians

Caroline M. Apovian, MD and Donna H. Ryan, MD

4:23pm to 4:43pm Live Q & A - 20

Drs. Apovian and Ryan

4:45pm to 5:58pm Motivational Interviewing Workshop

Kenneth Resnicow, PhD

6:01pm to 7:01pm Live Interactive Skills Building Session (ZOOM)

Kenneth Resnicow, PhD

7:03pm to 7:18pm Closing Remarks

Lee M. Kaplan, MD, PhD